We repair all the models of iPads. Our technicians are trained and equipped to handle all complex repairs. iPad repairs are complex hence our technician will pick up the iPad from your doorstep and drop the repaired device back to you.

Common issues with iPads

Service Advantage

Home Repair Service by Qualified technicians

Most of the Apple repairs are done at your doorstep in less than 30 mins. Whether it is an iPhone screen replacement or iPhone Battery replacement, our technicians are equipped with all the tools including ESD kits to service your Apple device at a place and time of your choice.

8 years of exclusive Apple service Knowledge

With more than 50,000 Apple devices repaired over 8 years, we have faced a lot of complicated issues and overcome them. Your device is in safe hands.

High Quality Parts with 18 Months Warranty

We believe in Quality and hence the replacement parts we use for the Apple products are of the highest quality and undergoes a rigorous quality check before it is approved for replacement. The testament for the quality of the parts is the warranty of 18 months we provide for most of the services we provide.

All India Service

Not in Bangalore or Mumbai? Our trusted partner Fedex will pickup devices at your doorstep throughout India.

ISO Certified Service centers

All our service centers are ISO certified. We are well equipped with ESD workstations, ESD tool kits and schematic diagrams to troubleshoot issues the right way.

100% Refund Guarantee

We accept all modes of payments including debit/credit cards, UPI, cash and bank transfers. All payments are done only after the satisfactory completion of your Apple device service. You will be protected with 100% money refund guarantee throughout the warranty period.

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FAQ iPad repair service

Can iPads be repaired at my home or office?


No. iPad repairs cannot be performed at your doorstep. The repairs are complex and all the necessary tools are not portable. Only iPhones can be repaired at home or office.

Do you repair iPad motherboards ?


Yes. We repair iPad motherboards and also provide replacement for motherboards in case it is damaged beyond repair.

Do you provide service throughout India?


Yes. We provide Free Fedex pickup and drop service throughout India. If you are in Bangalore or Mumbai, our team will pickup your iPad.

Do you provide warranty on repair services?


Yes. iTweak provides warranty ranging from 6 to 18 months depending on the type of service provided. We also guarantee a 100% money refund policy during this period, if the repaired functionality fails and service cannot be fulfilled for any reason.

Do your technicians take necessary precautions to keep my device safe?


Yes. All our technicians including the ones visiting your home or office are equipped with ESD protection kits to keep your iPad safe from damage due to electro static discharge.

Will i be charged extra if i opt for doorstep pickup service?


No. We don’t charge anything extra for doorstep pickup service. Charges are the same if you visit any of our service centers.

Is your service center certified?


Yes. We are an ISO certified service center, well equipped with ESD workstations, microscopes and all the necessary equipments to keep your device is safe.

Do you follow Covid-19 safety guidelines?


Yes. We conduct temperature checks everyday for all our employees, face masks are mandatory at work and when technicians visit your home or office. Sanitisation is done before and after every repair of your device. All employees have Arogya setu app installed and active.

Can i cancel or reschedule appointments booked?


Yes. We understand that you might get busy and priorities change. Call our customer care team to cancel or send an email to Techsupport@iTweak.in

Still have questions? Call us at 08047103303 or email us at Techsupport@iTweak.in