This page provides you all the information you need to know if you are thinking of getting the Mother Board of your iPad repaired from any iPad service center.

Reasons for getting your iPad Mother Board repaired

The following are some of the issues your iPad may be facing which requires diagnosis of Device and L4 repair:

·      iPad is not turning on

·      iPad getting heated

·      iPad is switching off randomly

·      Error displayed on iPad

The following are some of the possible reasons for the above issues:

·      iPad fell accidentally in water

·      Liquid on the iPad

·      iPad exposed to high temperatures or very low temperatures

·      iPad fell accidentally

DIY Steps to try to identify/rectify if you need L4 repair for your iPad

The following are some of the steps you can perform to confirm that you need a diagnosis or L4 repair:

·      Do not switch on the device or charge your iPad if it is water damaged: If your iPad is completely submerged in water then we recommend you carry your device to our iPad service center as soon as possible. You can also book an appointment to get the device picked from your doorstep. If your iPad is not extensively damaged then you can keep the iPad aside without charging for a day or two and wait for the water to dry. After the water is evaporated try to switch on the iPad and if it still does not work then the device might need further diagnosis to check if there is any damage to the logic board or any other component.

·      Hard Reset: Perform a hard reset on your iPad. You can refer to the following link to perform a hard reset:

·      Connect to iTunes: Connect your iPad to iTunes and check if your iPad is getting detected. If it is getting detected but not displaying anything on the iPad then it needs further diagnosis.

Process of repairing the Mother Board of your iPad

Mother board repairs are very complex since it involves various components such as ICs, resistors, capacitors, diodes and so on. Only people who are well trained can perform repairs on the logic board since it involves a lot of precision tools. If you have any issues which requires L4 repair then we pick up the device and our L4 technician then diagnoses and lets you know how much time is required for performing the repair and the repair estimate as well. Logic board repairs generally takes 5-7 days of time since they are complex. If the device is repaired or if the device is not repairable then the same will be returned to you at your doorstep.

Frequently asked questions for iPad Mother Board Issues

1.     My iPad is water damaged, should I put the iPad for charging?

Answer: Never put your iPad for charging if it is water damaged because it can damage the device further.

2.     After getting the service done if there are issues with charging will iTweak repair it?

Answer: We will surely pick up the device if the device is under service warranty.

If you are not sure if you need to get your damaged iPad repaired or if you have more questions regarding the service you can call us and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Service Advantage

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