This page provides you all the information you need to know if you are thinking of an iPad headphone jack connector replacement from any iPad service center.

Reasons for getting an iPad headphone jack connector replacement

The following are some of the issues you may be facing which requires an iPad headphone jack connector replacement:

·      iPad earphone port not working

·      Voice is not audible to the caller on the earphone

The following are some of the possible reasons for the above issues:

·      iPad fell accidentally

·      Liquid damage to the iPad

·      Dust or moisture accumulation in the headphone jack port

·      Manufacturing defect with the headphone jack connector

DIY Steps to try to identify/rectify if you need an iPad Headphone jack Connector Replacement

The following are some of the steps you can perform to confirm that you need a headphone jack connector replacement:

·      Alternate earphone/earpods: If your iPad is not detecting earpods try using a different earphone/earpod. This is to ensure that the issue is not with the earpod. If you are still facing issue then do a Hard Reset as outlined below. If that does not resolve the issue then the headphone jack connector must be replaced.

·      Hard Reset: Perform a hard reset on your iPad to ensure that the issue is not caused by any software issue. You can refer to the following link to perform a hard reset:

Process of replacing the iPad headphone jack connector

Our technicians are trained and equipped to do the iPad headphone jack cable replacement at our service center. If you have any issues with the headphone jack of the iPad then your iPad will be picked up from your location and dropped back to you after the repair is done.

Checks to be performed after the iPad headphone jack connector replacement is done

The following are some of the checks our technician performs after the iPad headphone jack connector replacement is done:

·      Headphone jack functionality

Note: For iPad Air 2 the headphone jack connector also includes the Ambient light sensor. Also, the 4G models of iPad include the sim card reader in the headphone jack connector.

Frequently asked questions for iPad Headphone jack Connector Replacement

1.     The headphone jack connector of my iPad is not working, can you repair the headphone jack connector instead of replacing the same?

Answer: Unfortunately, we will not be repair the headphone jack connector, we have to replace the part to rectify the issue.

2.     After getting the service done if there are issues with headphone jack connector will iTweak replace it?

Answer: We will surely replace the headphone jack connector if there are any functionality issues if the device is still covered under warranty. However, the warranty does not cover any physical or liquid damages to the device. For more information, you can always contact us directly.

If you are not sure if you need the iPad headphone jack connector replacement or if you have more questions regarding the service you can call us and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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