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iPhone SE 2022

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Sell Used Apple iPhone SE 2022

When you're ready to upgrade your old iPhone, you may be considering reselling your used device. But what's the resale value of an Apple iPhone SE 2022? The answer depends on a range of factors, including the phone's cosmetic condition, how much storage it has, and whether it comes with accessories like a case or charger. You can use our True Value Calculator to get an estimate of your phone's worth.

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Determining the price of your Apple iPhone SE 2022 using the True Value Calculator

In March of 2021, Apple released the iPhone SE line. Today, the phone is still worth some money! The Apple iPhone SE  2022 comes with 3 storage capacities - 16GB, 64 GB and 128 GB. Below is the standard price range you can expect to receive for your Apple iPhone SE 2022 basis the storage capacity:

Sell Used Apple iPhone SE  2022 64 GB

Reselling the phone in flawless condition will get you around 20000 INR - 28000 INR. It's estimated that you'll be able to get between 13000 INR and 18000 INR for the phone in good condition. Sell Used Apple iPhone SE  2022 128 GB

Reselling the phone in flawless condition will get you around 22000 INR - 30000 INR. For a good condition, you can expect to get between 17000 INR and 22000 INR. If it is in average condition, it will fetch between 14000 INR and 17000 INR.

Sell Used Apple iPhone SE  2022 256 GB

A flawlessly maintained phone will sell for around 24000 INR - 32000 INR. If your phone is in good condition, you should expect to get between 18000 INR and 24000 INR. The price range will be between 15000 INR and 18000 INR if it is in average condition.

By using our True Value Calculator, you will be able to determine the best price for your device based on the condition. We ensure that you receive a fair price and a quick payment after we collect and validate the device.

In what way is a flawless, good, or average condition defined? When selling your Apple iPhone SE 2022, you should consider the following factors

Flawless condition: Like-new, but maybe without the original packaging or all the accessories that came with the package. There is no history of repairs, and it looks and functions flawlessly.  

Good condition: Some signs of wear and tear are present. Phones in good condition should have only minor scratches or markings. You can resell this device for a good price with minimal damages and proper functionality.

Average condition: The hardware of devices in this category may be damaged, but the software appears to operate normally. In addition, the device may have a few serious dents, as well as poor cosmetics. 

Generally, when reselling your Apple iPhone SE 2022, you should consider the above factors. Cosmetic grade, working condition, and storage capacity all influence the price of the device. In addition, the age of the device and any previous repairs may also affect how much it is worth. You may also be able to get more money if you sell old accessories along with your Apple iPhone SE 2022, such as original earphones and chargers. 

Make sure all aspects are covered when filling out the quote form. It will help iTweak provide you with the best price. Your reselling experience will be easy and quick with iTweak True Value's doorstep service. Post-validation of the device, all payments are processed instantly. 

Environmental impact and role of  iTweak

Reselling your iPhone helps reduce e-waste. It is common for people to throw away their old phones when they upgrade to a new one. Often, phones are disassembled or disposed of in unsafe conditions. Workers are at risk of serious health problems. We aim to extend the lifespan of every gadget and protect the environment by using sustainable methods.

Additionally, the history of your Apple iPhone SE 2022 affects its resell value. Find out what your product is worth here.

Cosmetic Grading


Flawless smartphone
up to
  • Flawless appearance with No visible scratches, cracks or dents.
  • Screen has No defective pixels (e.g. ghost touch, screen burn-in, dead pixels), and the touchscreen works


Good smartphone
up to
  • 1-3 minor scratches not noticeable from 1 arm distance.
  • No Major Scratches, cracks or dents.
  • Screen has No defective pixels (e.g. ghost touch, screen burn-in, dead pixels) and the touchscreen works


Average smartphone
up to
  • More than 3 minor scratches or any deep scratches, which does not affect its functionality.
  • No cracks or Dents.
  • Screen has no defective pixels (e.g. ghost touch, screen burn-in, dead pixels) and the touchscreen works.


Broken smartphone
up to
  • Has Cracks or dents or may not be 100% functional.
  • Note a screen that is 100% functional has no defective pixels (e.g. ghost touch, screen burn-in, dead pixels) and the touchscreen works.
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