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iPhone 12 Pro max

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Sell Used Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max

Your used phone is worth a lot more than you might think! That's because Apple iPhones retain their value well and can be sold for decent money. Factors that affect resale include cosmetic condition, storage capacity (more equals better), age also comes into play here - how old are we talking? 

What do these different metrics mean though really? The most important thing to remember being there're many factors involved in determining an item’s marketability before selling it! 

Fortunately, we have a tool that can help you determine the approximate value of your used Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max. Our True Value Calculator takes all of these factors into account and gives you an estimated price range for your phone. 

Determining the price of your Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max using the True Value Calculator

In October 2020, Apple introduced the iPhone 12 Pro Max series. The phone is still valuable today despite its age! There are three storage options for the Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max: 64 GB, 256 GB, and 512 GB. You might anticipate to sell between the following price ranges depending on how much storage space your iPhone has:

Sell Used Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max 128 GB

In perfect condition, your phone will be priced between 41000 INR  and 47000 INR. For a gadget to be considered faultless, there must be no obvious dents, scratches, or touchscreen issues. 

Your iPhone will sell for between 35000 INR and 41000 INR in good condition. In good condition, smartphones' screens have 1-3 scratches. 

The resell price for a device in average condition would be in the 29000 INR - 35000 INR range. Our specialists will work with you to make sure your item is priced fairly and competitively. 

Sell Used Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max 256GB

A good-quality phone with no obvious blemishes or flaws can sell for up to 57500 INR. A phone with good condition and some cosmetic flaws, however, can sell for roughly 47000 INR.

Sell Used Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max 512GB

It is possible to sell a good-quality phone for up to 61000 INR if it is free of obvious blemishes or flaws. However, a phone with good condition and a few cosmetic flaws can be sold for approximately 54000 INR.

We offer a True Value Calculator to help you calculate the best price for your device based on its condition. After the device is collected and validated, you will receive an immediate payment at a agreed upon price.

If you're selling an iPhone, what condition should you list it as?  You should consider the following factors:

Flawless Condition: Your iPhone 12 Pro Max will be free from scratches and marks. It will look brand new. It will also have excellent functionality in terms of software and charging ports. 

Good Condition: There may be a few cosmetic issues like a scratch or two, but no major problems. Powering on and operating the device will be successful. 

Average Condition: The iPhone 12 Pro Max may show signs of significant damage, such as cracks, chipped glass, or dents. However, all hardware and software components are fully functional.

Consider the factors above when reselling your Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max. Cosmetic grade, working condition, and storage capacity affect price. The device's age and previous repairs may also affect its value. Old accessories like headphones and chargers can also be sold to make more money for Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max owners. 

When filling out the quote form, please ensure that all aspects are addressed. You will be able to get an accurate quote from iTweak if you provide iTweak with this information. Your reselling experience will be simple and fast with our doorstep service. Upon validation of the device, all payments are processed immediately.

Environmental impact and role of  iTweak

You can lessen e-waste by selling your iPhone. Old phones are frequently discarded along with new phone upgrades. Phones are frequently disassembled or discarded improperly. It is conceivable for workers to experience severe health issues. We strive to protect the environment and increase the lifespan of every device through the use of product management lifecycle approaches.

Furthermore, Apple iPhone 12  Pro Max resell value varies based on its history. Find out what your product is worth here

Cosmetic Grading


Flawless smartphone
up to
  • Flawless appearance with No visible scratches, cracks or dents.
  • Screen has No defective pixels (e.g. ghost touch, screen burn-in, dead pixels), and the touchscreen works


Good smartphone
up to
  • 1-3 minor scratches not noticeable from 1 arm distance.
  • No Major Scratches, cracks or dents.
  • Screen has No defective pixels (e.g. ghost touch, screen burn-in, dead pixels) and the touchscreen works


Average smartphone
up to
  • More than 3 minor scratches or any deep scratches, which does not affect its functionality.
  • No cracks or Dents.
  • Screen has no defective pixels (e.g. ghost touch, screen burn-in, dead pixels) and the touchscreen works.


Broken smartphone
up to
  • Has Cracks or dents or may not be 100% functional.
  • Note a screen that is 100% functional has no defective pixels (e.g. ghost touch, screen burn-in, dead pixels) and the touchscreen works.
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