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Sell Used Apple iPhone 12 mini

You are prepared to upgrade your existing phone and are considering selling your used Apple iPhone 12 Mini. In this article, the resale value of an iPhone is highlighted, along with advice on how to use the True Value Calculator to get the best price for your used iPhone and details on how to sell your old phone for the most money. 

Like everything else that is offered in used condition, the value of an Apple iPhone 12 Mini is determined on a number of factors. What condition is the phone in? Does it have any dings or cracks? What extras, such cases and chargers, are available for it? How old is the equipment?

Don't worry; we are here to assist you in finding the finest deal on a phone!

Determining the price of your Apple iPhone 12 Mini using the True Value Calculator

Apple released the iPhone 12 Mini range in March 2022, and the phones are still rather expensive. The Apple iPhone 12 Mini comes in three storage sizes: 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB. The normal price range for an Apple iPhone 12 Mini is displayed below according to storage capacity.

Sell Used Apple iPhone 12 Mini 64 GB

If you sell the phone in brand-new condition, you could make between 20000 INR and 26000 INR. A perfect device must be scratch and dent-free, and feature touchscreen functionality. 

Phones in reasonable condition (1-2 minor scratches) will sell for more than phones with broken displays, significant scratches, or other aesthetic problems. The amount of your return will be between 18000 and 20000 INR

The phone will get you between 15000 INR and 18000 INR in average condition.

Sell Used Apple iPhone 12 Mini 128 GB

A flawless iPhone costs between 26000 and 31000 Indian rupees. The phone is assumed to be free of dings, scratches, and other physical damage. 

Depending on its condition, you can anticipate receiving between 19000 and 26500 INR (minimum scratches, no damaged pixels). 

You will typically receive between 16500 INR and 20000 INR

Sell Used Apple iPhone 12 Mini 256 GB

If your product works perfectly, you'll receive a refund of between 30000 INR and 34000 INR. A flawless phone should be devoid of blemishes, imperfections, and scratches. 

A device with frequent use may have a few minor scratches. Depending on its functionality, a working phone in good condition can sell for between 22000 INR and 30000 INR. 

If the device has undergone wear and tear, there may be more than three scratches, a dent, and minor touch screen difficulties. You will get between 18500 INR and 22000 INR. 

To receive the greatest price for your gadget based on its condition, use our True Value Calculator. We make sure you get the best pricing and prompt payment after we take up the equipment.

What constitutes a flawless, good or average condition? Here are some important factors you should keep in mind when reselling your Apple iPhone 12 Mini

Flawless condition: It is in like-new condition, however it may not come with the original box or all of the accessories that came with it. In either case, it has never needed repairs and looks and performs wonderfully. 

Good condition: There may be very minimal traces of use and wear. Items in good condition should only have minor scuffs or marks. You can get a good resale value for this item if it has few faults and is in good working order. Devices in this category could have hardware issues, but the software is still in good working order. Additionally, the item can have a few large dents and be in bad cosmetic shape.

When determining the price of your used Apple iPhone 12 Mini, generally take into account the numerous factors outlined above. The storage capacity, cosmetic quality, and functional state of the gadget are all important variables that may affect the price. The item's age and any prior repairs may also affect how much money you can get for it. You might also get more money if you sell your Apple iPhone 12 Mini along with additional used accessories like original chargers and earbuds.

Please be sure to complete the quote form with all the necessary information. Then, it will be simpler for iTweak to offer you the best price. The reselling process is quick and easy thanks to iTweak True Value's doorstep services. All payments are done instantly when your device has been authenticated. Our team takes every step to guarantee that all information is safely returned to our customers.

Environmental impact and role of  iTweak

To reduce e-waste, recycle your iPhone. People typically throw away their old phones when switching to a new one. Phones are disassembled in potentially dangerous ways when sold or disposed of. Workers might experience serious health problems. iTweak extends the life of each device by employing strategies for product lifecycle management that are favourable to the environment. The company aims to help its customers save money while minimising its negative environmental effects. 

The resale value of your Apple iPhone 12 Mini may also be impacted by additional factors dependent on the device's past. Find out your product's worth here.

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