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iPhone 11 Pro Max

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Sell Used Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max

If you want to update your existing iPhone, it can be a smart idea to sell your old one. What is the resale price of an Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max? The price is determined by a number of elements, including the item's condition and the presence of accessories. 

The cost of the Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max is influenced by many variables. What is the phone's condition? Does it have any dents or cracks? Does it include any extras, such a case or charger? Which apparatus is it? What age is it? You may determine the value of your phone with our True Value Calculator.

Determining the price of your Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max using the True Value Calculator

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max line released in September 2019. The phones still have some value! The iPhone comes with three storage capacities - 64GB, 256GB, and 512GB . You can expect to receive a certain price for your Apple iPhone11 Pro Max, depending on the storage capacity you choose.

Sell Used Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max 64 GB

This phone will bring you anywhere between 28000 INR to 34500 INR  if it is a flawless condition. In good condition it will sell for between 22000 INR  -  28000 INR. If in average condition, the phone will fetch you anywhere between 18500 INR - 22000 INR.

Sell Used Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max 256 GB

The phone in flawless condition will range from 30000 INR to 37000 INR. Reselling the Apple iPhone in good condition will fetch between 25000 INR and 30000 INR. Depending on the condition of the device, average condition, you may be able to obtain anywhere from 19000 INR to 25000 INR. 

Sell Used Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max 512 GB

A flawlessly functioning device is expected to fetch between 35000 INR and 42000 INR when resold. The value of a phone in good condition ranges between 30000 INR and 35000 INR. Your device will sell for between 20000 INR and 30000 INR if it is in average condition. 

Using our True Value Calculator, you can determine the best price for your device based on its condition. Following collection and validation, you will receive a prompt immediate payment once the device is valued.

If you're selling an Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max, what condition should you list it in? You should consider the following factors

Unblemished Condition: The iPhone won't have any dings or dents and will seem brand new. Additionally, the software and charging ports will be of very high quality. 

Good condition: There may be one or two minor cosmetic concerns, but nothing major. The device will function properly and start up without any issues. 

Average Condition: The iPhone can show evidence of severe damage, like cracks, chipped glass, or dents. However, there is no hardware or software component breakdown. 

If you plan to sell your Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max, it's crucial to keep in mind that storage space, operating condition, and cosmetic quality all affect price. The device's age and previous repairs could also have an impact on its worth.

As you fill out the quote form, make careful consideration of every detail. It will enable iTweak to provide you with a precise quote. Using our doorstep service is the simplest way to sell your smartphone. Our professionals will offer you access to your data and assist you in securely backing it up. You must, however, also take security procedures to back up your data. You will be given an immediate payment after the device has been verified.

Environmental impact and role of  iTweak

You can lower e-waste by selling your iPhone secondhand. Most of the time, replacing a phone requires tossing away the previous model. Phones are disassembled in dangerous ways when they are sold or discarded. It is conceivable for employees to experience severe health issues. We work to protect the environment and increase the lifespan of every device by employing sustainable practises. 

Your Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max's past has an impact on its resale value as well. Obtain a valuation estimate for your product.

Cosmetic Grading


Flawless smartphone
up to
  • Flawless appearance with No visible scratches, cracks or dents.
  • Screen has No defective pixels (e.g. ghost touch, screen burn-in, dead pixels), and the touchscreen works


Good smartphone
up to
  • 1-3 minor scratches not noticeable from 1 arm distance.
  • No Major Scratches, cracks or dents.
  • Screen has No defective pixels (e.g. ghost touch, screen burn-in, dead pixels) and the touchscreen works


Average smartphone
up to
  • More than 3 minor scratches or any deep scratches, which does not affect its functionality.
  • No cracks or Dents.
  • Screen has no defective pixels (e.g. ghost touch, screen burn-in, dead pixels) and the touchscreen works.


Broken smartphone
up to
  • Has Cracks or dents or may not be 100% functional.
  • Note a screen that is 100% functional has no defective pixels (e.g. ghost touch, screen burn-in, dead pixels) and the touchscreen works.
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