iPhone XR Screen replacement Cost in India at Apple and iTweak [Updated 2020]

Sharath Shamsundar

July 15, 2019

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In this article we will provide information about replacing your iPhone XR screen at an Apple authorised service center and at iTweak. 

You can get your iPhone XR screen replaced from any of the nearby Apple authorised service centers like Ample, iPlanet, iCare. There are about 25 Apple authorised service centers in Bangalore and here is the list. The device needs to be dropped and takes about 7 to 8 working days to replace the screen. Backup your iPhone before going for the replacement. Although screen replacements don't affect data, it is safe to do so. The cost of replacing iPhone XR screen at any Apple authorised service center in India would be 29000 INR inclusive of GST. Apple provides a warranty of 90 days or 3 months for the replacement. Genuine Apple screens are only available at Apple authorised service centers and Apple doesn't sell these screens to Independent service centers.

You can also get your screen replaced at one of the Independent service centers with a compatible screen. Not all compatible screens have the same technical specifications and you need to be careful while choosing the service center as everybody has a different Supply chain. Make sure to check some of the quality metrics of the screen like Color tone (warm or cool), Brightness, Touch sensitivity, 3D Touch functionality and Frame finish. Beware of service centers which use After-market or second quality parts having Blue/Pink color tinge with bad frame quality. Also make sure to get warranty for sufficient period. The cost of these screens vary depending on the quality of the end product manufactured.

At iTweak, we provide premium quality compatible screens, technical specifications of which will be same as the Genuine Apple screens. We do quality checks on all displays we receive from the manufacturer. 

The cost of replacing iPhone XR screen at iTweak would be 15000 INR inclusive of GST. The screen carries a replacement warranty of 18 months.The service includes free Doorstep service at any address in Bangalore or Mumbai and the replacement would be completed in 15 to 30 minutes. You can also send your iPhone from any address in India with the help of our trusted Delivery partner Fedex. Any issue apart from physical or liquid damage would be covered along with doorstep service. You can also walk into one of our service centers in Marathahalli or RT nagar to get your screen replaced.

iPhone screen replacement service at iTweak

  • Quality: Premium quality OLED iPhone XR screen with technical specifications same as the genuine Apple screens
  • Warranty: 18 months replacement warranty on functional issues. Please note that Physical and liquid damage is not covered under warranty
  • Onsite service: Our technician will do the screen replacement at your Home or office with ESD protection within 30 minutes. Watch while we repair and don’t hesitate to ask questions
  • Payment: We accept card, cash, and online payment
  • Service centers location: Marathahalli & RT Nagar

Quick, transparent and affordable service at your doorstep. Call 08039591613 or visit us at iTweak to book a service.

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