When Should You Replace Your iPhone Battery

How can you tell when it’s time to replace your iPhone battery? Apart from the obvious signs like your phone dying while still having more than 2% battery, there isn’t much in iOS that can help you with this decision. Fortunately, there are options out there that can shed some light on your iPhone battery’s status.

Find Out Your iPhone Battery’s Status Through Jailbreak

There is a nifty little app on Cydia called Battery Life that we wholeheartedly recommend. It is free to download and is able to display your current battery capacity as opposed to the original one, your charge cycle count, your current discharge rate and a couple of other metrics.

Find More Information About Your iPhone Battery Through Windows

Another cool app is called iBackupBot that can display your battery status. It display similar information to Battery Life, but it is a Windows app and your iPhone needn’t be jailbroken for the information to be available to you.

Making The Decision

Officially, Apple claims that an iPhone battery will lose only 20% of its capacity after 400 charge cycles. So if your iPhone battery’s current cycles are below 400, you shouldn’t experience any battery-related issues. After the 400 mark has been hit, your phone may start shutting down before it is completely drained. At this point we would recommend a battery replacement.

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