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It is a common saying that ‘An Apple a day keeps the doctor away’. With a plethora of Apple products being launched in 2013, it is safe to assume that it should keep competition away for a while as well. Apple was, as usual, in its slumber party till May. But, enter the hottest month of the year and it was time for some of the hottest gadgets of the year to be unveiled at various events. Let’s take a look at some of the must-have Apple Products launched since May.

  1. iPhone 5S: iPhone 5S is the crowned successor in the list of iPhones. A Fingerprint sensor is what it boasts of. True Tone Flash and a better processor is among the other improvements this beast boasts of. Apple has also come up with a Gold colour variant as well which is sure to attract even more customers. 
  2. iPhone 5C: After a long anticipation, Apple finally launched the ‘Cheaper iPhone’. Dubbed the iPhone 5C, this phone is basically an iPhone 5 with a Plastic body to reduce the costs of production. This beauty comes in five different colours.
  3. iPad Air: As the iPads get thinner, Apple’s wallet gets fatter. With the launch of the oh-so-slim variant of the iPad, u can assume that Apple’s wallet is surely going to go obese. Calling this tablet thin will be an understatement. It is hidden by a Pencil in Apple’s TV advertisement. Yes! Its that thin! Being thin doesn’t mean it is weak. The A7 chip inside it makes sure it never compromises on performance.
  4. iPad Mini(2nd Gen): This small wonder packs in Apple’s much appreciated Retina Display. Graphics are what differentiate it from the previous iPad Mini. It is not deprived of the glory of A7 processor despite being small and that means brilliant performance.
  5. MacBook Air: MacBook Air now features all-day battery life, fourth-generation Intel Core processors with faster graphics, faster flash storage, and new 802.11ac Wi-Fi. It is thinner, tougher and more durable than any of the previous MacBook Airs.
  6. MacBook Pro: The third Gen of MacBook Pro was given a boost in October with the inclusion of Haswell Intel processors, 802.11ac, Thunderbolt 2, and PCIe-based flash storage. If it wasn’t already the dream laptop pc, these upgrades are sure to make it one.
  7. iMac: iMac is what people would call the ideal desktop. A combination of beauty and brains, this powerhouse desktop has the best of everything- Intel processors, Nvidia Graphics and Thunderbolt I/O. Couple these with some of the most gorgeous designs ever witnessed and you have a winner.
  8. Mac Pro: Apple made the already best computing workstation even better in 2013 with the upgrading of its Mac Pro in almost all aspects of design and configurations.
  9. iPod Touch(5th Generation 16GB): A 16GB variant of iPod Touch(5th Gen) was launched on 30th May. It is only available in one colour and lacks the rear iSight camera and the iPod Touch loop that is included in the 32GB/64GB models.
  10. AirPort Extreme and AirPort Time Capsule: A brief mention should be made of the Time Capsule and Extreme getting their due updates this year thereby improving their already brilliant performance.

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