What’s the use of having a touch screen tablet pc if, well, you can’t touch it properly? And, what if the tablet pc is nothing less than Apple’s very own iPad 2? You can’t just go around carrying an iPad with a broken or a cracked screen. So what are the only options you have got? Either replace the iPad or replace the touch screen. Now, considering the not-so-little prices of iPad, you really have to be Bruce Wayne to afford more than one iPad in a short span of time. So, you turn to the more economical option- Replacing the screen. But what if this ‘more economical’ option turns into a hugely expensive one? A bit of carelessness is all it takes your iPad 2 to be damaged beyond repair. So, if you are planning on replacing the screen, here are a few things you should take care of-

  1. Inserting the tool in proper spot: When trying to separate the screen from the body, make sure you place the tool in the proper spot as it is difficult to see the separation between the glass and the bezel. You have to insert the tool at the thin seam between the glass and the case.
  2. Apply force, but within limits: The adhesive holding the screen and the case is very strong and some serious force may be required to release it. But, applying unnecessary force may lead to the screen breaking further or the case getting damaged. A combination of Undertaker and Einstein is not needed. A bit of force and a bit of brains should suffice.
  3. Use caution while working with the Wi-Fi antenna: An iPad loses half of its glory when the Wi-Fi isn’t working. So, a bit of caution should be taken while working with it. The Wi-Fi antenna is attached to the bottom right edge of the rear case of the iPad via screws and a cable. Because of the orientation of the Wi-Fi antenna, it is imperative to proceed with caution otherwise irreversible damage to the Wi-Fi antenna may result. Release the adhesive securing the antenna to the front panel without damaging the delicate parts attaching the antenna to the bottom of the iPad. Move the tool carefully at all times near the bottom-right edge.
  4. Do not act tough with the Digitizer cable: The Digitizer cable should not be damaged at all costs. It is located approximately 2″ from the bottom of the iPad. The bottom of the digitizer cable is only ~1″ from the bottom of the iPad. Work carefully and slowly, making sure to not sever this cable.

The above precautions should help you safely sail through the process of replacing the iPad 2 touch screen and not get caught in any of the common waves.

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