Get the Best of your iPhone’s Battery life

One of the major problems with the iPhone today is getting through full day without losing battery and to stay connected at the same time. After reading this post you will know how to get the best battery life from your iPhone. 

Charge 100% before using iPhone
Whenever you charge the iPhone make sure it is charged 100% before you start using it. You will always get the best battery life doing so and also the battery life doesn’t degrade in the long run.

Turn off 3G/wi-fi
Turn off 3G and wi-fi when not in use. These consume a lot of battery life and you can turn it on whenever you are actively browsing. Otherwise you can use Edge/2G connection.

Push notifications
Set your push notifications to “off”. By doing this the iPhone doesnt search for new items in the inbox every moment. Instead you can fetch the data less frequently by selecting the frequency as 15,30 or 60 minutes. To do this go to Settings->Mails, contacts, calendars-> Fetch new data. switch off the push notification and select the frequency as per your requirement.

iPhone screen just like any other smartphone takes up a lot of battery life. You can reduce this by dimming the screen and turning on auto brightness to get the same brigtness as set under different lightning conditions. To do this go to Settings-> Brightness and Wallpaper.

Location services
Applications like Google maps consume location services to get the location of your iPhone. It is obvious that this need not be running all the time as it consumes battery. Use this only when needed. To swith this off go to Settings-> Privacy -> Location services

Lock your phone
Auto lock your iPhone so that the screen switches off when not in use. you can set this by going to Settings-> General -> Auto-lock and set up a short interval for the iPhone to auto-lock

Date and time
If you are not constantly travelling out of country then turn off the feature which automatically sets your date and time based on the location. To do this go to Settings -> General ->Date & Time

With all this in place there is no doubt you will get a great battery life. Hopefully there comes a day when we need not worry about the battery life. Till then lets stick to this 

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