iPhone Screen Replacement: How to select the right service

Sharath Shamsundar


May 28, 2018

Reasons for getting an iPhone Screen Replacement

The following are some of the reasons for opting for an iPhone Screen Replacement:

  • Touch sensitivity is not good
  • Touch not working
  • Touch working intermittently
  • Lines displayed on the display
  • Display is broken
  • Display has scratches
  • Screen has come out from the panel

There can be multiple reasons for the iPhone screen not working, some of them are:

  • Screen unresponsive after drop
  • Screen unresponsive after liquid damage
  • Manufacturing defect with the display
  • Faulty display connector
  • Battery bulged due to which the iPhone screen comes out of the panel

DIY: Steps to be performed before looking for an iPhone service center

You can always visit an iPhone service center to diagnose the issue with you iPhone screen, however, if you have not dropped your iPhone or there is no liquid damage then you can perform the following steps to narrow down the issue with your iPhone screen.

  1. Hard Reset

    This is a basic step to ensure that your iPhone’s software is not causing the issue. To do a hard reset hold the Power Button and the Home Button simultaneously till you see an Apple logo and let go off the buttons to allow the phone to restart. This step will ensure that the issue is not because of the software.  For more information, see https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201559

  2. Clean the display

    If your iPhone touch is unresponsive then perform this step to ensure that dirt or moisture is not causing the issue. Use a microfiber cloth to clean the display of your iPhone. You can also use 1 or 2 drops of Isopropyl Alcohol to clean the display. Also, ensure that your fingers are clean and there is no moisture.

If your iPhone display is not responding even after performing the above steps then you can visit an Apple Authorized Service Center or an independent iPhone service center to get your iPhone diagnosed. 

How to look for an iPhone Service Center in Bangalore 

If you are looking to get an iPhone screen replacement in Bangalore, then the first step is to visit an Apple Authorized Service Center. Apple Authorized service centers can help you in cases where there are no physical damages or liquid spillage on your iPhone and your iPhone is still under warranty. To check the warranty of your iPhone, you can enter your IMEI number in the following link: https://checkcoverage.apple.com/in/en/.  

If your iPhone is not covered under warranty or if your iPhone has a physical damage or liquid damage then cost of the iPhone Screen Replacement is almost 70% of the cost of you phone at an Apple Authorized service center. 

How does iPhone Screen Replacement work

The displays in Apple iPhones have the touchscreen and LCD sandwiched as one part. The earlier models like the iPhone 3G and 3GS had separate touchscreen and LCD. However, the newer models of iPhone have a single display assembly unit. If your iPhone screen must be replaced then the whole display assembly must be changed. iPhone screen replacement must always be done in a clean environment by qualified and experienced technicians because of the various connectors involved in the iPhone screen replacement process.

Pointers to look for if you are getting your iPhone screen replacement done from an independent service center

The following are some of the pointers to help you decide on selecting an independent service center because of the high costs involved in getting the iPhone Screen replacement done from an Apple Authorized service center:

  • Cost: Always look for a service center that offers the iPhone screen replacement at a reasonable cost. 
  • Warranty: There are a lot of iPhone Service centers in major cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai and Delhi offering iPhone screen replacement. However, each iPhone service center provides different warranty. Always look for people who provide warranty above 1 year, because the quality of the part is in direct correlation with the warranty offered.
  • Customer Care: Always look for an iPhone Service Center that provides excellent customer care.
  • Quality of the parts: Quality is the most important metric in selecting a service center. As mentioned earlier, a good quality part always comes with a good warranty period, hence look for an iPhone service center which provides a warranty of 1 year or above for the iPhone screen replacement.
    Tip: Always avoid independent service centers who claim to have different quality of screens/ Original Apple screen. Only Apple authorized service centers have access to original screens.
  • Customer Reviews: The most important metric of a service center is the quality of reviews. Always look for the reviews about the service center before finalizing one.

Difference between iPhone display replacement at Apple Authorized Service Center and iTweak 

Having talked about all the causes and ways to identify a good iPhone service center, iTweak is a an iPhone service center which offers high quality replacement parts that come with a warranty of 18 months, whereas Apple Authorized service centers provide you a warranty of just 3 months. Also, we provide doorstep service for most of the iPhone screen replacement, which can be done under 30 minutes at a place, and time of your convenience.

To know the cost for your iPhone screen replacement, you can always call us to get a free quote.

Note: This service can be performed onsite (at your doorstep) by our qualified technicians equipped with portable ESD kit. Onsite services are currently available in Bangalore and Mumbai. You can also visit our iPhone service center in Bangalore, located in Marathahalli or R.T nagar. For more information, see http://www.itweak.in/stores.

Checks after getting your iPhone screen replaced

Always check for the following after getting your screen replaced:

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Onsite service at your Doorstep

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