All you need to know about HDR on your iPhone and iPad

High dynamic range (HDR) available on your iPad and iPhone is a concept of photography which is widely used to capture at different exposure levels and then combined together with an image processing software to create a better picture. In the case of HDR on iPhones and iPads, your iPhone/iPad does all the work for you—just take a picture with HDR on and it’ll spit out one regular photo and one HDR photo. Apple has provided an HDR mode on the iPhone for years, and more recently has provided not only an HDR mode for the iPad, but an automatic HDR mode for the iPhone 5s.

How to enable HDR or Auto HDR on the iPhone or iPad?

  • Launch the camera app
  • Tap on the HDR at the top to toggle between on and off.
  • For iPhone 5S you will see another option on the left top corner to choose HDR Auto.

When to use HDR?
HDR is useful when you are taking landscape photos with a lot of contrast, portraits in sunlight and low light and backlit scenes. The one time when you don’t want to be using HDR is when you can’t keep your iPhone steady or if you are taking photos of movement.

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